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5 Festive Favourites: Christmas 2021

I’m clocking off for Christmas now, but not before I present you with this month’s favourites video. It actually straddles two months (oh, how I’ve always longed to use the word “straddled” in a non-sexual sentence!) because I missed November’s favourites out completely. (It’s my birthday at the end of November and I always forget

3 Best Beauty Buys: More Great SOS Rescue Creams

A while ago I wrote about three of the best SOS moisturiser creams I’d been trying (pictured above). These were soothing, repairing moisturisers that I’d tested out in an attempt to get my skin back on an even keel. (You can read the post here – that particular ailment episode seems a million years ago

How I Style My Mid Length Hair

This is how I style my mid length hair now that it’s slightly shorter than usual – it sits just below the shoulder. Obviously I use the word style in its very loosest sense because I’m about as wieldy with heated appliances as an elephant would be with a crochet hook, but I’ve just about mastered the

Life Update: Lunging Into The Unknown

I’ve long been trying to find a word that describes the sort of life you have as a parent to young children; something that encapsulates the feeling of utter chaos, that conveys the sense that your life is very much out of your own control – a word that sums up entirely the way in

The Ultimate Books and Chocolate Gift: 2021 Version

OK readers, you know the drill with this one. For the ultimate Christmas (or birthday, or any occasion for that matter) gift, a gift that will surprise and delight and make the recipient think that you’re the most thoughtful person they know, you need two ingredients. A book with a striking cover Quality chocolate with

Christmas Gift Ideas for Him | 2021

My Christmas gift ideas 2021 for him is here. In all honestly, Mr AMR chose a lot of this but I think that’s probably a good thing. I tend to find oddities such as “coasters that cost £71” and he finds coffee machines that look like a Makita drill… Remember to pass this guide on to

Christmas Gift Ideas for Her | 2021

Christmas Gift Ideas For Her is here. Wow, that’s a mouthful of a sentence! I hope that the following bits and pieces spark your imagination Featured above: Top left GUCCI Bloom Nettare Di Fiori For Her – Eau de Parfum 100ml. Is this not just the coolest bottle? Instagram heaven. Buy for £114.00 from Feel

Makeup Review: Chanel No5 Holiday 2021

The eye palette from Chanel’s Holiday 2021 collection has already sold out online so I’m not going to beat around the bush: if you want a special edition Rouge Allure No5 lipstick* or the amazing paper-pulp-packaged No5 perfume* then you’ll have to be quick about it. You might still find a palette in stores if