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Decorating? Read This First…

A great decorating book to feast upon, if you’re something of an interiors aficionado; Farrow & Ball’s Recipes for Decorating* by Joa Studholme. It’s an absolute visual delight. Whether you’re a serial re-painter who loves to experiment with colour or a confused starter with no idea how to pick a more flattering shade for the living

The PMT Skin-Saver and Four Ways To Use It…

As I write this, I am officially in PMT Skin Week, which is the one week in each and every month that my skin is in danger of going completely haywire. If anything is going to go wrong with my skin then it goes wrong now. Angry, bumpy jawline, weird forehead dryness, little sore patches

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All You Need To Know About Preparing Your Skin For Makeup

There are several do’s and don’ts when it comes to applying makeup. However, most people are worried about their skin after applying makeup. Most of us are not blessed with a perfect skin and in order to make it look flawless, we need to use many makeup products. Though makeup covers all our blemishes and