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Autumn Dresses: Just Add Knitwear

I’ve been experimenting with ways of getting more use out of the sorts of autumn dresses I’d usually “save for best”. Dresses that I’m happy to invest in, because they are more often than not bought for a work event or a special occasion, but that then tend to sit forlornly in the wardrobe waiting

5 Beauty and Fashion Favourites: August 2021 | AD

My five favourite beauty, fashion and lifestyle products this month include some boots for stomping in, a dress for vamping in and a face cream that moisturises so deeply it’s slightly unnerving. Watch the video below if you fancy listening to me chatting through my favourites or carry on reading for the quiet, work-skive-friendly version.

Trying On The Best Strapless Bras

Trying On The Best Strapless Bras with Ruth Crilly Next in my ‘Trying On’ series I am reviewing the best strapless bras – both for comfort and for a good shape beneath clothes. It’s actually very hard to find good strapless bras; most tend to slip downwards over the course of the day (or night)

Video: Trying On Me+Em Clothing

I’m playing catch-up with this video-embedding quest – this Me+Em clothing try-on was actually first posted last month. I’ll get there in the end! I’m not going to ever do particularly long blurbs with these try-on videos – they’re absolutely self-explanatory. So click, watch and enjoy! (It’s better for watching on a smart phone as

5 Favourites: July 2021

Please excuse the filming conditions in this month’s favourites video: firstly a wasp came in to the bedroom (probably trying to escape the building dust in the rest of the house) and then I didn’t have anywhere to put all the crap that was on the bed, because there was so much other crap all

Life Update: Sister

My four year-old has recently stopped calling his six year-old sister by her actual name and instead has taken to calling her just “sister”. It’s slightly unnerving and makes him sound as though he has been beamed through time from the Dark Ages, where he was the wholesome son of a lowly miller. “Sister! Father

If I Could Only Buy One…Tinted Moisturiser

Welcome back to the If I Could Only Buy One series, in which I give myself a week-long headache trying to decide on my absolute favourite beauty product from a given category. Please do read the disclaimer on the first post if you’re in any doubt as to how this incredibly important and (potentially) historically significant