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One of the proudest moments in every parents life is when their newborn steps into the world. So, it is hardly surprising to see most parents displaying the joy that fills their life with beautiful pictures of their charming infant gracing their homes and almost everything they can cover.

This is one of the major reasons for newborn baby photography to have gained such popularity wherein every family, at least once in their newborn’s first year, get the baby’s pictures clicked to share it with the world and preserve their memories of the newborn for the years to come. Satish Kargutkar, through his establishment, aims to give parents the opportunity to capture these sweet memories of their infant or toddler with baby photography in Mumbai.

The feeling within every parent of witnessing every precious moment of their baby, from their first smile to the first steps they take, is something we all deeply feel and recognize, giving us the chance to make capture these special moments for you with as much passion as we can. Our kids’ photography sessions make an attempt to involve the kids and parents as much as possible to allow a bonding to show through the pictures clicked and give babies as much to smile about as possible. Keeping the needs of the babies in mind, we do our very best to make sure they are well taken care of and made as comfortable as possible.

At Satish Kargutkar’s establishment, you can get the best stills of your child with a splendid baby photoshoot in Mumbai without worrying about the reliability of the people you are planning to hand your baby over to during the shoot. With the best professionals helping out, you can be rest assured to get the best results at our establishment.

We bet you can’t wait for a baby photoshoot of your newborn. Buy why wait so long when you can also opt for a wonderful maternity photoshoot with us?

Apart from offering photoshoots, we also offer Maharashtrian bridal makeup , Gujarati bridal makeup , and South Indian makeup services for all the gorgeous to-be brides out there eagerly awaiting their big day!

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